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Braces can be a fantastic confidence booster because they create a straight and healthy looking smile. North Park, Pacific Beach, San Diego are patients who have overbite, underbite, crossbite, or other types of alignment issues can learn how to improve both the function and the appearance of their smile by scheduling a braces consultation with Dr. Reza Kasiri online now.

Braces Q & A

Are all braces the same?

Not at all. In fact, today there are more options than ever when it comes to getting the beautiful, straight smile you want. Even the traditional metal braces that were once the only option have evolved to become lighter, smaller, and more comfortable.

Some options are virtually invisible. For example, ceramic braces have clear brackets that allow the teeth to remain visible. There are even lingual braces that attach to the backs of the teeth rather than the fronts.

There are so many options in braces today that many patients find it a bit confusing. Dr. Kasiri clears up the confusion by offering braces consultations. During a braces consultation, you learn more about different types of braces and find out which one is the best choice for your needs and goals.

How does a braces consultation work?

During a braces consultation, Dr. Kasiri performs a comprehensive evaluation of your teeth and mouth structure to identify the issues that braces can correct. He can also determine if any extractions are needed to provide enough room for your teeth to shift into their proper positions.

Dr. Kasiri also discusses your concerns and helps you understand how the process works, based on your individual goals and the issues you're facing. If you have any questions about the care of your braces or your teeth during treatment, how braces feel, or what types of braces are the best choice for your needs, the consultation visit is the ideal time to ask them.

How long do you have to wear braces?

Most people wear braces for about two years, but the exact duration of your treatment depends on your specific needs and the underlying issues that are causing your alignment issues. Dr. Kasiri is an experienced orthodontist, and he can give you an idea of your length of treatment during the consultation visit.

Does insurance cover the cost of braces?

Some insurance plans cover a portion of braces; others do not. During your consultation visit, our office staff can evaluate your dental coverage and provide information about affordable financing options that can help you fit braces into your budget.

Ready to learn more about how braces can straighten your smile? Schedule a braces consultation with Dr. Kasiri now using the online appointment tool.