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Missing teeth can make it difficult to speak, smile, and live life with confidence. But dentures offer a highly effective solution for this problem. At Orthodontics and General Dentistry, Dr. Reza Kasiri can help North Park, Pacific Beach, San Diego area men and women who have gaps in their smile to achieve the full smile they've always dreamed of with natural-looking dentures.

Dentures Q & A

What are partial dentures?

A partial denture is a device that's used to replace one or more missing teeth.

Like full dentures that replace all your teeth, a partial denture is removable. Some partial dentures have clasps that “grab onto” neighboring teeth to hold them in place, which means that partial dentures can sometimes have even more stability than full dentures.

How are dentures made and fitted?

Dr. Kasiri makes an impression of your mouth so your denture can be designed to fit the space and look and feel natural and comfortable. Once the partial denture is available, you return to the office for a fitting and to have any necessary adjustments made. Dr. Kasiri gives you instructions regarding the care of your partial denture to ensure it stays in good shape.

How do you take care of dentures?

Regular brushing with a soft bristle toothbrush and overnight soaking keeps your partial denture in good shape. Handle it with care, and be sure to bring it with you to all of your dental appointments so Dr. Kasiri can evaluate its fit.

Are there alternatives to dentures?

Yes, in some cases a bridge may be an excellent option to consider instead of dentures.

However, a bridge requires you to have healthy teeth on either side of the gap left by the missing teeth for the bridge to remain secure. If you don't have teeth on either side of the gap, such as when back molars are missing, Dr. Kasiri can't install a bridge.

Another possible alternative to dentures is dental implants, artificial teeth that use a metal post to attach them to your jaw bone. Implants can be much more expensive than a bridge, especially when more than one tooth needs replacing, but they look and function just like your natural teeth.

If you're missing some teeth and want to fill in your smile, dentures might be the answer. Make an appointment with Dr. Kasiri at your convenience through the online appointment tool now.